Roses Everywhere!

My husband is constantly countering my attempts to what he is calling, turning our house into the 'Howick Rose Gardens' rivalling the one in Parnell.  I can't really help myself, after all these ideas are what sprung to be the beginnings of Church confetti!

My current idea is to build a living wall of roses, climbing along my gate and eventually to the wall of my house.  Now all my husband has to do is build it and with most of my ideas he knows this isn't a one day job, in fact he recently confessed that he has been monitoring the time between each idea... Needless to say it's very minimal.  I take pride in exploring new ideas and maintaining a standard of high quality when it comes to all things roses, whether it is home or business related.  With the summer sun turned to full power and the beginning of the New Year, what better time to get into our gardens and start those projects we have been meaning to do or have just cropped up.  At Church Confetti we encourage the Eco chick attitude as much as we possibly can with all our products being biodegradable, including our paper favours which will even grow into wild flowers.

Happy new Rose year!

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