A tail of two Odes

In the modern ERA an ODE is an Online Display of Emotion in social media depicting their current state of love, despair, anguish or joy.  An ODE is usually written by someone like me “a feminine type”!

In times gone by an ODE was the old fashioned name for a story past down from one generation to the next.

So I thought I would write a blog to illustrate the progression of the ODE through history for my favourite subject, rose petal confetti!

If we go right back to ancient times I am particularly fond of the following ritual:

The magical appearance of rose petals from the Pantheon oculus, Rome

The magical appearance of “La pioggia di petali di rose” or the rain of fluttering rose petals coming down from oculus of the Pantheon is beautiful and spectacular in every way! Although nobody really knows it origins, it is assumed that it dates back to the times of the early Christians, though there are also people who believe that on May 13, 609 (AD) the first celebration of the rose petal ceremony took place, after the inauguration of the Pantheon as a church.  This ceremony has been performed for over 1400 years.

Reference: http://retroblogrome.com/pantheon-rose-petals/

A modern day ODE…….

I am so excited about my new website, it never ceases to amaze me the creative abilities of new technologies.  The website banner was filmed with a super slo-mo camera at Auckland's historic cornwall park.The rose petals take on a magical appearance in a spectacular display as they dance across the different aspects of the park.

There is something about the falling of rose petals that is deeply engrained in the human psyche, it evokes a response of joy and wonder!  A symbol of celebration!

Ruth Church
Petal specialist and revered ODE writer

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