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Deer Planet Eco Confetti Pouch

Deer Planet Eco Confetti Pouch

This product is the result of our dedication to utilising more Eco-friendly materials.

A beautiful Woodland Theme with a whimsical play on words, ”I doe” in a natural hand-printed chalk emblem. Each Pouch contains a handful of Freeze dried petals, available in any of our natural petal colours, the choice is yours.

You’ll receive the pouches pre-filled and ready to give to your guests.

The packaging is made from Plant-based materials and 100% Biodegradable and sustainable.  Freeze dried petals are often described as ‘’Venue friendly’’, simply referring to the characteristics of a Freeze dried petal in that they are non-wilting, non-slip, less likely to stain and last for many months! Indeed, time is not your enemy when using Freeze dried petals.

Freeze dried petals don’t need to be kept cold or in a freezer as the ambient temperature is perfect.  Let Mother Nature take care of the cleaning up process! Hence, there are no environmental or ecological downsides.

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