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Hydrangea Petal Palette

Hydrangea Petal Palette

A blousy flower which flaunts an old-fashioned charm, makes the Hydrangea a very popular Wedding choice.

Unlike the limited season availability of the Fresh Hydrangea, our Freeze dried Hydrangea petals are available all year round.  Preserved only when they are at the peak of their bloom and petals of exceptional quality.  Our rainbow of natural watercolour shades will compliment any colour theme and add romance and elegance to your special event.

Our petals are sold in packs, each containing 10 cups.  Freeze dried petals are often described as ‘’Venue friendly’’, simply referring to the characteristics of a Freeze dried petal in that they are non-wilting, non-slip, less likely to stain and last for many months! Indeed, time is not your enemy when using Freeze dried petals.

Freeze dried petals don’t need to be kept cold or in a freezer as the ambient temperature is perfect. Natural & 100% biodegradable, let Mother Nature take care of the cleaning up process! Hence, there are no environmental or ecological downsides.

You may fall in love with more than one colour therefore, we can mix any of the colours to create that unique colour blend of your choice.

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