Rose Confetti Pouch


Rose filled Confetti Pouch – 1 Pack

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This beautiful Eco-confetti pouch contains just enough Rose petals for your guest to partake in your wedding celebration confetti shower.

Handmade with an enormous amount of care and loving attention. with a beautiful Woodland themed emblem.  All you need do is simply choose which Colour Rose petals you would like us to add (Click here to view our Rose petal palette)

All packaging is Biodegradable and recyclable.

Freeze dried petals do not need any special storage conditions.  We recommend that you store your petals in their original packaging in a dry/dark area such as a wardrobe or cupboard until your event.

Please order well ahead of time to secure your petal colour preference.  We endeavour to have all of our colours available, however, if not our delivery time will be 2 weeks.


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