Unique ways to use Rose Petals on your Wedding Day

Traditionally, the main use for rose petals is for confetti, this makes for stunning photos and is a great opportunity for your guests to participate in your ceremony.  But of course, being rose enthusiasts, we couldn’t help coming up with a few more creative options too, to add some wow factor to one of the most important days of your life.

  1. In the Invites

Your wedding invitation sets the tone for your whole wedding day.  Place some petals in your invites to give your guests an added surprise when they open them up! This could be a great way to give a hint about your wedding colors too.


  1. Down your Wedding Aisle (With a difference!)

It's very popular to scatter rose petals down the aisle, but there are endless ways to decorate your wedding aisle with rose petals! Create runners or edges, shapes, petal carpets or your initials.  Ask your ushers to seat guests from the outside so the design is preserved until you walk down the aisle.  I just love this stunning design, wouldn’t this look amazing!


  1. Rose Petal Table Settings

Adding rose petals to your table settings can really add a romantic flair to your decor.  Our Rouge freeze dried rose petals would create a feeling of sheer opulence.


4.Rose petal paper lanterns

Decorate some paper lanterns with rose petals to create a pretty and whimsy look.  Cover the lantern with tulle and sprinkle in the rose petals.  You can fix the tulle with a few dabs of hot glue.  Add a few trailing ribbons for a final touch.  You can also use this look with jumbo balloons and secure the tulle with ribbon.  These would be great for decorating the ceremony or the reception.



  1. Strings of rose petals look amazing used as photo backdrops, a backdrop for your ceremony altar or for behind the bridal table. Just string the petals on cotton or fine fishing line. They are delicate so be careful!


Now that you have plenty of ways to use your freeze dried petals, head to Church Confetti to place your order today! We have lots of colours and blends and you can also order your own customised colour blend too! So tell us, which petals are your favorite, and how will you use them at your wedding?

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