Your magic moment

The ‘movie magic scene’ is a common term used to describe something crazy and wonderful you would of course, really only see in the movies. So, what better example than the most famous and grand of all movie scenes and gestures… The proposal.

We’ve seen them all from Colin Firth learning Portuguese to ask for his housekeepers hand in marriage, Love actually.  A romantic Ballard over the PA system from Adam Sandler ‘’Wanna grow old with you’’ to Drew Barrymore in the Wedding Singer.  And tear-jerkingly the grandest of grand, Ryan Gosling pouring his heart out to Rachel McAdams ‘’I want all of you, forever. You and me, everyday’’ The Note Book.

The reason these are considered ‘movie magic scenes’ is because they may be a little far-fetched or a bit too perfect, yet this doesn’t mean they can’t be inspired to. With Church Confetti we want to help you make your own magic, your own personalised perfection.

In our past 3 years, Church Confetti has supplied freeze dried rose petals for a variety of uses such as beautiful pathways, room and table décor, romantic settings and largely used as a petal toss to commemorate your special wedding memories. These may not be the centre feature of your own grand gesture but seeing these beautiful petals will show her/him how much you care in making your partner feel special and loved.

We hope to help you make your ‘scene’ come true.

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