Stationery Oopsies

You've selected the card for your Invites, argued over the font, debated the wording...but, have you considered these points below? It's courtesy to send an invitation to close family or friends who have already told you that they can't make your big day.  If they're important to you, show you…

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Our Hydrangea Petals in action!

We started work on this project back in November and it's finally been launched. TruGreen were looking for a natural approach to their campaign and came to us. What you'll see in the video is thousands upon thousands of our Freeze dried Hydrangea petals in Powder blue and white....and the…

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Can you really detect Rose Petal aromas in Wine?

Have you ever overheard Wine Enthusiasts conferring over aromas in wine? ''wonderful exotic fruit characters with a mix of floral and a lengthy finish''! I have to admit that I used to scoff when I would hear this and thought it a bit of nonsense...however I have now taken the…

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The Health Benefits of Roses

                            Roses are one of the most timeless beauties of our world, but their beauty is just one of their many good qualities. One of the most ancient natural remedies, Roses also exert a positive effect on…

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Unique ways to use Rose Petals on your Wedding Day

Traditionally, the main use for rose petals is for confetti, this makes for stunning photos and is a great opportunity for your guests to participate in your ceremony.  But of course, being rose enthusiasts, we couldn’t help coming up with a few more creative options too, to add some wow…

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Autumnal Inspiration

My favourite season is upon us and I just love nature's amazing colour scheme...This inspiration board of Iced Coffee and Buttercup is simply stunning xo Inspiration Board by Becks at Envy Events

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Peach Dream

We simply love this Inspiration board with it's pretty peach ideas.  Our Vintage Peach Freeze dried rose petals would fit very nicely within this dreamy colour theme. Inspiration Board by Becks at Envy Events

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Roses Everywhere!

My husband is constantly countering my attempts to what he is calling, turning our house into the 'Howick Rose Gardens' rivalling the one in Parnell.  I can't really help myself, after all these ideas are what sprung to be the beginnings of Church confetti! My current idea is to build…

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1950s Charm

We simply love this Inspiration board with it's old fashioned charm and pearl luster.  Our Classic Lavender and Bridal Blush Freeze dried rose petals would fit very nicely with the pastel theme.

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Your magic moment

The ‘movie magic scene’ is a common term used to describe something crazy and wonderful you would of course, really only see in the movies. So, what better example than the most famous and grand of all movie scenes and gestures… The proposal. We’ve seen them all from Colin Firth…

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A tail of two Odes

In the modern ERA an ODE is an Online Display of Emotion in social media depicting their current state of love, despair, anguish or joy.  An ODE is usually written by someone like me “a feminine type”! In times gone by an ODE was the old fashioned name for a…

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