Making it to NZ’s fashion runway…..

Custom coneBeing invited to be a sponsor for Annah Stretton's ''Come on Oz, say I do! Was out of this world.

Choosing the Petal's blend was easy with vintage hues of Peach, classic Lavender & simple Ivory... although my creative juices were really flowing when it came to the design of the petal cones.

I am of course familiar with Annah's fashion, and the Floral Rose accents she combines with her designs. However not lucky enough to buy her clothes as often as I would like too!

I really wanted to make a Fashion statement with our Paper petal cone, and one that would be fitting at a fashion show.

After a few late nights of deliberation and Origami skills that I never knew I was capable of I made my prototype - a Calla Lilly inspired design.

The Paper was integral to my design and I opted for an organic look of Watermark rose petal pressed paper. Finished with an Australian silk ribbon & Tulle rosette embellishment - hand made by yours truly…

It's funny how your kids are suddenly involved in your business activities when there are backstage passes to NZFW on accompanied by my eldest daughter Shannon, off we went to do our stuff!

We met such wonderful team of people, and amidst all the activities I managed to speak to two of the most important people on the day- Nicole & Brooklyn.

It was a real pleasure to contribute an element of tradition with our natural Freeze dried rose petal confetti and all the trimmings!

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