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Aisle Petals in Bulk

Aisle Petals in Bulk


Petal Aisle

Rose petal aisles will certainly add a romantic exuberance to your wedding and WOW your guests the moment they enter the ceremony.

Of course, there are many ways to create an aisle worthy of your big entrance:
– the elegant scattering of petals or
– Unique styles such as an Ombré arrangement or dramatic scrolls and scallops.

Using Freeze-dried rose petals to adorn outdoor aisle decorations simply means “’ no tidy up required”. They are 100% biodegradable- and your venue will love you for this!

Our Aisle petals are made of Premium petals which may not be as perfect. They may be cracked, smaller or have slight colour variations. Hence only recommended for creating petal aisles.

*Note- Pricing excludes Tax, which will be added at the checkout.

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