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Petal Cones

Petal Cones

Petal cones involve the guests in the celebration of your wedding. The act of showering you with petals actively engages the guests and allows them to express their abundant joy in a time-honoured way.

The petal cones can be of a simple style, fanciful or embellished to follow the theme of your wedding.  Our petal cones are made from environmentally sustainable sources.

All of our petal cones are available with complimentary printing and are received assembled and ready to use (Excluding petals).

If you’ll need to arrange for a vessel to hold the petal cones, the size of each cone is approx. 29cm high and 9cm wide.

As each order is specific to you, we don’t stock pre-made petal cones, and therefore it can take us up to 2-3 weeks to handcraft each order.

Your guests will adore them and often keep these as a keepsake or memento of your special day.

*Note- Pricing excludes Tax, and this will be added at the checkout.

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