Aisle Romance Freeze Dried Rose Petals


Romance, 64 cup pack.

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Aisle Freeze dried rose petals in a blend of Deep Red, Rouge, Pinks and Ivory coloured petals, which we like to call our Romance blend.

Our petals are packed in a 64 Cup bulk pack, ideal for aisle creations.

Calculating the number of rose petals needed for your aisle decoration will depend on a number of factors such as the style, size, indoor or outdoor arrangement.  From our own experience, we can indicate the approx. Calculations based on 1 pack of our Aisle petals: Scattered- 8 sqm / Light- 4 sqm / Dense / 2 sqm

Freeze dried petals do not need any special storage conditions.  We recommend that you store your petals in their original packaging in a dry/dark area such as a wardrobe or cupboard until your event.  **Whilst every effort has been made in our photography to capture the true colour of these petals, this is a natural product and the colour may vary slightly from batch to batch.

Please order well ahead of time to secure your colour preference.  We endeavour to have all of our colours available in stock at all times and can often help with last-minute orders too, however, if not our delivery time will be approx. 2 weeks.

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