Romance blend


Romance blend Freeze dried rose petals – 12 cups(3 Litres) in 1 Pack


Our petals are packed in 12 Cup Packs (3 Litres).  This can be compared to approx. 12 large fresh roses of exceptional quality.  You will receive your petals in a large beautiful pillow pack, all reusable and recyclable packaging materials used.

Each pack of premium petals is sufficient to:

  • Fill 20 of our Petal Cones (petal cones not included)
  • Allow 20 guests to throw Confetti
  • Fill 2 young flower girl’s baskets
  • Quantities for Decor and Aisle creations, please see Aisle Petals

Freeze dried petals do not need any special storage conditions.  We recommend that you store your petals in their original packaging in a dry/dark area such as a wardrobe or cupboard until your event.  These care instructions will be sent with each order.

Please order well ahead of time to secure your colour preference.  We endeavour to have all of our colours available in stock at all times and can often help with last-minute orders too, however, if not our delivery time will be approx. 2 weeks.

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