White Hydrangea


White Hydrangea Freeze dried petals – 12 cups(3 Litres) in 1 Pack.

*Prepared per order, 3-4 week delivery time



Our Individual coloured Freeze dried Hydrangea petals are of exceptional quality and available all year round.  We only prepare these special petals upon receiving your order and the expected delivery time will be between 3-4 weeks, hence we recommend ordering well in advance. 

Packed in a 12 cup pack(3 Litres), each pack of petals is sufficient to:

  • Allow 20 guests to throw confetti
  • Fill 20 of our own Petal cones
  • Fill 2 young flower girl’s baskets
  • Quantities for Decor and Aisle creations, please see Aisle Petals

Freeze dried petals do not need any special storage conditions.  We recommend that you store your petals in their original packaging in a dry/dark area such as a wardrobe or cupboard until your event.

Please order well ahead of time to secure your colour preference.

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